Vorsprung International Band Announced!

P Town Funk is a talented band with a diverse range of musical styles. Their groove rock, funk, soul, and pop music is expertly performed, with each member of the band contributing to the group’s overall sound. However, it’s their lead vocalist and keyboardist, Eglė Marcinkevičienė, who really sets them apart. With her impressive background as a professional first violinist, Eglė brings a unique perspective and skill set to the band that elevates their performances to new heights.

Despite being a relatively new band, P Town Funk has quickly gained popularity and has already secured an impressive number of gigs. This has caught the attention of both regional and national agents, who are eager to represent the band and help them expand their reach even further. With so much interest in their music, P Town Funk is planning to travel further afield in the latter half of 2023, with their first appearance scheduled for Vorsprung International in July. This is an exciting opportunity for the band to showcase their talents to a wider audience and continue to grow their fanbase.